Sofia Trykolenko. Living Corpse - modern interpretation

Visual Art / Other / Theatre

Submitted on: Jul 02, 2015, 04:02:22

Description: Modern interpretations of works that have become classics of the world are becoming increasingly popular among Ukrainian directors. Among the many interpretations of Shakespeare, Moliere, Pushkin in the past year came the play "Living Corpse", embodied on the stage of the National Academic Drama Franko Theatre on product of Leo Tolstoy. Director - Roman Marholia, art director - Vladimir Kovalchuk, costume designer - Natalia Rudyuk. A feature of this formulation is the saturation of different, including completely antagonistic directorial and stage moves. All visual imagery involves the extraction steps of a predetermined time, and transfer it into a kind of timeless environment that is filled with iconic elements of bygone eras and the achievements of modern technology. The issue raised in work "The Living Corpse" was current to mid-twentieth century, in the modern world, issues of divorce are resolved much faster and with less psychological stress.

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