IntellectualArchive. Online/offline repository for works in science and arts.

About the Intellectual Archive

Intellectual Archive is a well-established online repository and Canadian print journal for articles in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. In addition to online archiving and publication of articles, Intellectual Archive provides authors with DOI and ISBN, issues certificates of online publication, and allows authors to distribute articles printed in a paper journal to major libraries.

Articles accepted into the Intellectual Archive receive a permanent link, which allows authors to download files with their work at any time. Review of articles for inclusion into the online archive normally takes no more than 1 business day.

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What can you publish here?

You can publish the following items on Intellectual Archive:

  • Papers in natural science (including astronomy, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology.)
  • Papers in social science (including economics, education, history, law, linguistics, psychology.)
  • Papers in humanities (philosophy, religion, history of languages, visual/performing arts, etc.)

Note: the online archiving is completely FREE!

We can also issue Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and/or send you a paper certificate with your name, title of your work, date of upload and the download link. Normally this process takes 2 business days and costs $10.

About the multidisciplinary journal "Intellectual Archive"

The multidisciplinary journal "Intellectual Archive" publishes selected full-text articles on natural science, social science and humanities. Since 2012, the “Intellectual Archive" has been accepted by the Library of Congress, USA, the Library and Archives Canada and other offline and online resources. Each article published in the multidisciplinary journal "Intellectual Archive" receives DOI free of charge. We normally review articles submitted for publication in a journal within 2 weeks. Read more.

Types of online archiving

Uploads to the Intellectual Archive can be Public, Private, or Semi-private.

a. If you select the Public option, your article will be available to everyone, and your work’s description will be available to search engines.

b. If you select the Semi-Private option, the text description (Abstract) will be available to search engines, but the file itself with your work will not be available to the general public.

c. If you select the Private option, neither the file with your article nor the text description will be available to the general public. Only you will be able to download your work. This option is useful for a work-in-progress situations where the final version of an article is not yet ready, but you still want to receive a document confirming your priority and copyright protection.

In all of these cases, you will receive an email confirmation, a personal download link, and (if you choose) a paper certificate with the title of your work, your name, upload date, and download link for the article you submitted.

We may also create your personal web page on with your biographical information, curriculum vitae, links to your personal websites, photographs and listings of publications (all links to posted works are indexed by See examples of personal pages at and Depending on the complexity, we charge from 50 to 100 dollars for such work.

Files, security and protection

All submitted files are stored in an advanced US secure data center ( along with an additional backup of all files in a secure offline location.

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