Stern A.G., Stern P.G.. Making Up of the Mathematical Model of a Physical Phenomenon without Introduction

Natural Sciences / Physics / Mechanics

Submitted on: Dec 28, 2012, 02:53:00

Description: The central interaction of bodies, as which is found through change of a transit time of a signal between them, a temporary interval. The description of interaction, thus, doesn't contain non-observable one when bodies are falling on the earth and celestial bodies' motion. In physical constructions it is suggested that an observer should possess a longrange means of observation, the necessity of implementing into the power equations, weight, artificial as in the equation of the sum of Kepler or Schroodinger's equation, and with them energy and work are absent. The approach makes possible exclusion of analogs of Lagrange equations of the second sort and Hamilton equations. Separate examples and types of the equations for some cases are regarded.

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