Alexander Bolonkin. Universe (part 2): Rolling of Space (volume, Distance), Time, and Matter into a Point

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / General physics

Submitted on: Jan 16, 2013, 15:54:21

Description: Previously [1], this author developed a theory which allows derivation of the unknown relations between main parameters in a given field of nature. Using this theory, the outcomes of the derived formulas to estimate some values of our Universe uncovered both well-known and new unknown relations. That paper [1] which should be considered part 1 of this series offers possibly valid relations between time, matter, volume, distance, and energy. The net picture derived is that there exists in the Universe ONLY one primary factor - ENERGY. Time, matter, volume, fields are all evidence of the energy and can be transformed one to other, such as the transformation in the famous formula E = mc2. In this paper, part 2 of that series, the author shows that the parameters of space (volume, distance) and time have limits (maximal values). The volume (distance), time contract (collapse) into a point under the specific density of the energy, matter, pressure, frequency, temperature, intensity of electric, magnetic, acceleration fields. The maximal temperature and force are independent from other conditions.

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