Bolonkin Alexander. Energy Transfers from Airborne Wind Turbine: Review and Comparison of Airborne Turbines.

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Apr 28, 2013, 12:20:34

Description: Ground based, wind energy extraction systems have reached their maximum capability. The limitations of current designs are wind instability and high cost of installations. The wind energy industry is in need of revolutionary ideas to increase the capabilities of wind systems. This article suggests a revolutionary innovation which produces a dramatic increase in power per unit at a lower cost per unit of energy extracted and is independent of prevailing weather. The main innovation consists of large free-flying air rotors positioned at high altitude for power and stable air stream, and two types (mechanical and electrical) of an energy cable transmission system between the air rotor and a ground system. The air rotor system flies at high altitude up to 10 km. Stability and control systems is provided which also enable changing altitude. This article includes the theory of airborne wind systems and provides the analysis of four examples having a high unit power output (up to 50 MW). The proposed examples provide the following main advantages: 1) Large power production capacity per unit - up to ten - hundred times more than conventional ground-based small rotor designs; 2) The rotor operates at high altitude of 0.5 - 10 km where the wind flow is strong and steady; 3) Installation cost per unit energy is low and 4) The installation is environmentally friendly (no propeller noise). Author also provides a brief review of other main wind systems/turbines describing their advantages and disadvantages. Keywords: wind energy, cable energy transmission, electric airborne transmission, utilization of wind energy at high altitude, air rotor, airborne wind turbines, windmills, Bolonkin.

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