Yuri N. Klimov. The comparative analysis of properties lexical —Ārossingover A.s. Pushkin, A.a. Ahmatova's, I.a. Brodsky and B.l. Pasternak's poetic products

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Submitted on: Jun 03, 2013, 04:53:27

Description: The specified products investigated on the following quantitative to positions: cumulative quantity of lexemes (CQL), cumulative frequency of words (CFW, cumulative quantity of word forms, CQWF), since the greatest size, cumulative length of words (CLW), since the greatest size, the relation of factor bCLW (average length of words) to factor bCFW (average frequency of a word = average quantity of word forms) in the linear equation y=–.—Ö+b, the relation –.CLW to factor –.CFW in the sedate equation y=–.—Öb, for a point lexical crossingover: size of cumulative frequencies (cumulative quantity of word forms) and lengths of words, their natural logarithms and values of a rank lexical crossingover researched products. Similarity and distinction of poetic products on quantitative is shown characteristics and submission to law Bradford with non-uniform distribution of ranks of considered products on three zones. Key words: A.S. Pushkin, I.A. Brodsky, A.A. Ahmatova, B.L. Pasternak, a lexeme, cumulative quantity of lexemes, cumulative frequency of words, cumulative quantity of word forms, cumulative length of words, the relation of factor of average length of words to factor average frequencies of words or average quantity of word forms, a point lexical —Ārossingover, cumulative frequency, cumulative quantity of word forms, lengths of words, natural logarithms, a rank lexical —Ārossingover, distribution Bradford, non-uniformity of zones in distribution Bradford

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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