Arkady Poliakovsky. On the model of electrodynamics consistent with the classical newtonian mechanics

Natural Sciences / Physics / Mathematical Physics

Submitted on: Jul 02, 2013, 10:26:16

Description: We propose the electrodynamic model which is consistent with the classical newtonian mechanics including invariance under galilean transformations. In our model the aether is assumed to be a classical continuum medium like a fluid or gas and Maxwell equations in vacuum (aether) have the (usual) form: curl H =(4pi/c)* j + dD/dt, div D = 4pi* rho, curl E = -(1/c)*dB/dt, div B = 0, together with the following constitutive relations: E=D-(1/c)v x B, H=B+(1/c)v x D, where v is the field of the aether velocity. The presented model of Maxwell equations and the Lorentz force are invariant under galilean transformations: x'=x+tvec w, t'=t, together with the relations: D'=D, B'=B, E'=E-(1/c)w x B, H'=H+(1/c)w X D. Moreover, the form of these equations is preserved in every non-inertial coordinate system. Further consequences of the model are also derived.

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