Alexander Bolonkin. Memoirs of Soviet Political Prisoner

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Submitted on: Sep 28, 2013, 19:32:40

Description: Short Biography of Dr. Alexander Bolonkin A. Bolonkin was born in (Russia). When he was young, he had National and World records in aviation modelling and was awarded with gold and silver medals. He graduated with awards from Aviation Collage, Faculty of Aviation Engines, (B.S.)(USSR); Kazan Aviation Institute, Faculty of Aircraft Design, (M.S.); Kiev University, Faculty of Mathematics, (M.S.); Moscow Aviation Institute, Rocket Department, dissertation "Optimal Trajectories of Multistate Rockets" (Ph.D., Dr.Sci.); Leningrad Politechnic University, Aerospace Enginering Department, dissertation "New Methods of Optimization and their Applications" (Post-Doctoral Degree in the former USSR). He worked in Soviet aviation, rocket and Space industries and lectured in main Soviet University about 15 years. In particularty, in Kiev Aircraft State Design Bureau headed by O. Antonov, Bolonkin took part in design of aircraft AN-8 through AN-225 (Enginer-Senior Engineer-Chairman of Department); in Rocket engine Construction Bureau headed by Academician V.P.Glushko, Bolonkin was Chairman of Reliability Department and took part in design of rocket engines for main strategic rockets of the USSR; in TsAGI (central Aero-Hydrodynamic Research Institute) A. Bolonkin was a scientific researcher. He lectured as a professor and worked as a Project Director in Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Aviation Technological Institute, Bauman Highest Technical University, Technological Institute, He contacted with Construction Bureaus of Tupolev, Yakovlev, Mikoyan, Ilushin, Sykhoy, with all main aviation, rocket and space research and design Centers of the USSR. He had many awards in the Soviet Union. In 1972 professor Bolonkin was arrested the Soviet Secret Police (KGB) because he read forbidden political literature about freedom and democracy and listen in "Voice of America". More 15 years KGB tortures him into special prisons, concentration camps, and exile in Siberia. This perio...

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