Yuri N. Klimov. Hapax legomena in A.s. Pushkin, B.l. Pasternak, A.a. Ahmatovūį and I.a. Brodsky's verses

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Submitted on: Oct 10, 2013, 03:41:44

Description: Distinction of volumes of dictionaries and texts on hapax legomena in A.S .Pushkin, B.L .Pasternak, A.A. Ahmatov–. and I.A .Brodsky's poetic products is shown. And volumes of dictionaries exceed volumes of texts from 3.05 (I.A.Brodsky verses 1957 - till winter of 1963) up to 1.07 times (A.A.Ahmatova "Plantain"). It is necessary to note, that verses 1957 - till winter of 1963. I.A.Brodsky under the relation of volume of the dictionary to volume of the text exceeds all investigated poetic products. It concerns and to a poem ¬ę–Ęhe Fairy tale on tsar Saltan¬Ľ A.S. Pushkin that confirms I.A.Brodsky and A.S. Pushkin's genius that is marked in our early works. Under the relation of volume of the dictionary to volume of the text it is possible to reveal similarity of poetic language of the investigated poets: A.S. Pushkin - I.A. Brodsky, A.A. Ahmatova - A.S. Pushkin, A.A. Ahmatova - A.S Pushkin - I.A. Brodsky, A.S. Pushkin - A.A. Ahmatova, B.L. Pasternak - A.S. Pushkin, B.L. Pasternak - A.A. Ahmatova - A.S. Pushkin, B.L. Pasternak - A.A. Ahmatova and A.A. Ahmatova - B.L. Pasternak. The riches of the dictionary of poems of A.S.Pushkin "The Fairy tale on tsar Saltan" and "Ruslan and Lyudmila" are higher than collections of verses of B.L. Pasternak, A.A.Ahmatova and I.–ź. Brodsky. It concerns and to A.A. Ahmatova's poem "At the most dark blue sea" in comparison with collections of verses of A.A. Ahmatova and B.L. Pasternak. Key words: volume of the dictionary, volume of the text, the attitude(relation) of volume of the dictionary to volume of the text, A.S.Pushkin, B.L.Pasternak, A.A.Ahmatova, I.A.Brodsky, Russian poetry,

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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