KRAVTSOVA TATYANA. Features Of Development Of Teenager’personality With Deviational Behaviour

Social Sciences / Psychology / Educational psychology

Submitted on: Oct 22, 2013, 10:56:55

Description: Results of work E" during this research work the following results were obtained and conclusions were made: 1. sense regulation of teenagers with deviational behaviour is not well-developed to provide self-control and self-possession; this leads to personality development breaking; 2. psychological correction of personality sense regulation has a large set of methods of influence , but for all that these methods donEt effect enough on teenager with deviational behaviour; 3. teenager with deviational behaviour studying in three localised schools have psychological differences in sense regulation development; 4. early in stage of deviation development when there is no proper behavioral deviation, it is possible to determine predisposition to a certain kind of deviational behaviour relying on the peculiarities of sense regulation development as the level of psychological development; 5. the work according to the program of psychological correction of sense regulation has essential influence on teenagers with deviational behaviour in case it is applied with united dialogic cognitive activity; 6. personality development of a teenager with deviational behaviour without correctional influence is defined by non-uniform of deviation strengthening and EfreezingE of sense regulation on pre-personality level.

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