Ph.D Khodakov V., Ph.D Sokolova N., Ph.D Cherney S.. Impact of climatic factors on the socio-economic and production systems

Natural Sciences / Earth Sciences / Environmental science

Submitted on: Jan 03, 2014, 01:10:05

Description: Climatic factors and the location of the states are important for the historical fate and prospects of development of nations and states. However, in today's world the influence of climatic factors, from our point of view, undervalued. Climatic factors, geographical environment, location of the state, if not dominant, then one of the most significant factors affecting the economy and the development of nations. Features of world nations are also associated with their history, in which the geographical environment and climatic factors play a crucial role. In today's world due to the development of science, engineering and technology some what diminished role and weight of the climatic factors, but they still play an important, although not a decisive role, as before. Analysis of the influence of climatic factors makes it possible to note the following: the impact of climatic factors can be strengthened or weakened depending on factors such as the unity or disunity of society, social tension in society, separation, conflict or conflict-free, increasing poverty and welfare, and etc. So vigorous activity of any state to maintain its economy, lack of social tension in society can reduce or block negative phenomena caused by climatic factors. It is therefore necessary to study and consideration of such phenomena. Ignoring the influence of climatic factors, improper accounting consequences of climate change pose a risk to humans, agriculture, water, recreational farming, construction and industry. Unfortunately, researching, analyzing and assessing the impact of climatic factors on human activity, the functioning and development of socio-economic and production systems devoted very little literature. In Ukraine, these issues were virtually out of sight of research.

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