Alexander Bolonkin. “universe (part 3). Relations between Charge, Time, Matter, Volume, Distance, and Energy”

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / Cosmology

Submitted on: Jan 09, 2014, 13:16:19

Description: In Universe (Part 1)[1] author has developed a theory which allows derivation of the unknown relations between the main parameters (energy, time, volume, matter) in the Universe. In given part 3 he added charge as main parameter in this theory. He finds also the quantum (minimal values) of energy, time, volume and matter and he applied these quantum for estimations of quantum volatility and the estimation of some values of our Universe and received both well-known and new unknown relations. Author offers possibly valid relations between charge, time, matter, volume, distance, and energy. The net picture derived is that in the Universe exists ONLY one substance E" ENERGY. Charge, time, matter, volume, fields are evidence of this energy and they can be transformed one to other. Author gives the equations which allow to calculate these transformation like the famous formula E = mc2. Some assumptions about the structure of the Universe follow from these relations. Most offered equations give results close to approximately known data of Universe, the others allow checking up by experiment. Key words: Universe, time, matter, volume, distance, energy; limits of specific density of energy, matter, pressure, temperature, intensity of fields; collapse of space and time into point.

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