Salima Seitenova. The use of interactive methods of training as a priority direction of education

Social Sciences / Education / Technology

Submitted on: Jan 19, 2014, 04:39:35

Description: The article considers the changes in the education system, the preconditions for the use of interactive methods and forms of training, requirements to teachers and future specialists in accordance with transformations in the training. The article presents some of the interactive teaching methods, that promote students' activity, some types of lectures, seminars and exercises that can be that can be used in the classroom teaching methods courses. The possibilities and the practical value of using these methods in the system of higher education are considered. Interactive teaching methods discussed in the article aimed at improving the cognitive activity of students and their motivation for teaching and professional activities. They allow you to move from passive learning to active use in real situations of professional activity, which certainly improves the quality of training of the future specialists, contributes to the successful activity. Key words: cognitive activity, success, competence, case study, role-play, communication, interactive methods, the methodology.

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