Skirtach Violetta. Philosophy of the subject as an answer to the ideological challenges of modernity

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Submitted on: Aug 02, 2014, 07:38:57

Description: This article shows that the classical philosophy of the subject was not able to adequately respond to the challenges of our time, including ideological. Article aims to study phenomenological - ontological turn in the theory of ideology that seeks to involve, including archeology and philosophy, which focuses on the analysis of the conditions of possibility of the existence of the field, and one or another ideology. This investigation allows to answer the question about how the subject is established as the object of the cognition in different moments and institutional contexts. Individual is not independent, autonomic E" that possesses wide characteristics E" rational subject, but is the space where different discursive practices accomplish the work of creation of the senses. The strategy of the subjectivation denotes certain space which is created under the influence of the strength of the knowledge and power that act both from outside and inside. All this creates the subject in all its forms. In the XX - XXI century ideology becomes a way of transformation of social reality in illusion that can not only hide the social subject of traumatic in nature of objective reality, but also convert excess attribute pleasure in existence. The idea of the form of the power finds its embodiment in the strategy of the subjectivation which combines both forms of the public power and practice of the power over oneself.The author reflects on how and on what basis the entity may be subject to ideology.

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