Ervin Goldfain. Bifurcations and Pattern Formation in Particle Physics: a Model Study

Natural Sciences / Physics / Particle physics

Submitted on: Feb 25, 2012, 09:52:36

Description: Quantum field theories, regardless of their content, lead to a finite or infinite number of coupled nonlinear field equations. In general, solving these equations in analytic form or managing them through lattice-based computations has been met with limited success. We argue that the theory of nonlinear dynamical systems offers a fresh approach to this challenge. Working from the universal route to chaos in coupled systems of differential equations, we find that: a) particles acquire mass as plane wave solutions of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation (CGLE), without any reference to the hypothetical Higgs scalar; b) the U(1) x SU(2) and SU(3) gauge groups, as well as leptons and quarks, are sequentially generated through period-doubling bifurcations of CGLE.

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