Sofia Trykolenko. Metaphorization chamber scenic environment Aleksey Kuzhelnoho

Natural Sciences / Other / Theatre

Submitted on: Sep 11, 2014, 10:11:31

Description: Abstract: Trykolenko ST "Metaphorization chamber scenic environment Aleksey Kuzhelnoho." The article deals with four performances of the People's Artist of Ukraine Aleksey Kuzhelnoho - especially their interpretation of staging and directing scenes. Individual and common features of his performances to chamber stage-specific modules to form the composition stage space, symbolic elements that reinforce the philosophical background performances. Research of Ukrainian, Russian and Western art and drama driven by the context of the four performances of Kiev Academic Theatre Arts Workshop "Constellation": "Oscar - God", "Tsvetaeva + / - Pasternak", "Unknown About Love". The combination of all components of performance in a single harmonious whole: synthesis of fine arts, music, dance, plastic and visual arts, the use of new technologies for setting demonstrate mastery Aleksey Pavlovich as director and set designer and artist at the same time. The environment plays examined in this article are built on the metaphorical and symbolic elements, considerable emphasis is given projection and lighting effects

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