Branislav Tanasic. From Ishango bone to plasma screen

Natural Sciences / Computer Science / Evolutionary computation

Submitted on: Sep 30, 2014, 11:28:40

Description: Abstract From the very beginnings of the human species would need some assistance, using a device that would be recorded the events, broadcast messages or exactly calculate important dates. What is the path traveled by computer Isango prehistoric bones over the IBM System / 360 Models 75s - the unit that carried out a complex task to take people to the Moon and safely return back, to the presonal computer with plasma screen. Initially, the computer is designed as an auxiliary device for performing complex multi-figure calculation. Then used as a control device, which should enable the automation of industrial machines, computer constantly evolved. The modern computer is a complex electronic device, such design and architecture that can perform the multiplex operations. Interconnected in a very composite system, consists of a vast global network we call the Internet. Options such connected computers are almost limitless. We can safely conclude, that there is no activity that is largely not rely on the personal computer or the wiring in his system. Key words: Device, gear, electronic tube, transistor, microprocesor.

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