Alexander Bolonkin. Inflatable Security and Prosperity Ab-blanket for City

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 10:46:05

Description: In a series of articles (see references below) the author has offered a means to cover a city or other important large installation, region or sub-region by a transparent thin-film supported by a small additional air overpressure under the light-weight form of an EAB DomeE. That allows keeping the outside atmospheric conditions (for example weather) away from the interior of the inflatable EAB DomeE, protecting any city by its physical presence from chemical, biological, and radioactive weapons and even (partially) from aviation accidents/terrorism and possibly even some small tactical nuclear device explosions. The building of a gigantic inflatable EAB DomeE over a vacant flat land or water surface is not difficult from a construction viewpoint. The cover is spread on a flat surface and a ventilator pumps air under the film cover and lifts the new dome into place (inflation requires many hours). However, if we want to cover a city, garden, forest or other obstacle course (as opposed to an deserted, empty or mowed field) we cannot easily deploy the thin film over buildings or trees without risking damage to it by snagging and other installation complications. In this article, it is suggested a new method which solves this vexing building problem. The idea is to design a double film blanket filled by light gas (for example, methane, hydrogen, or helium - although of these, methane will be the most practical and least leaky). Sections of this improved EAB DomeE, now designated the EAB BlanketE, are lighter than air and could fly in EarthEs atmosphere. They can be made on a flat area (serving simultaneously as an assembly area) and be delivered by dirigible or large industrial helicopter to station at altitude over the city. Here they connect to the already assembled AB Blanket ground-based subassemblies, cover the city in an new variant of the earlier EAB DomeE and protect it from bad weather, chemical, biological and radioactive fallout o...

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