Alexander Bolonkin. Production of Fresh Water by Exhaust Gas

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 11:26:31

Description: A new, cheap method for the extraction of freshwater from the sea which is fundamentally distinct from all existing methods that extract freshwater from the sea water is proposed. This method uses the hot exhaust gas (smog) of industry (for example, after a gas turbine used to turn an electric generator) and sea water. By using the temperature difference productively, this method needs comparatively small energy input -- only for pumping water and air, not for heating or cooling. This new environmentally friendly method may be used at any point in the Earth located not far from any sea. There are three working versions: (1) Underwater heater and tube cooler; (2) Douche heater and douche cooler (immersion heater/cooler); (3) Underwater heater and underwater cooler. The installation also clears the exhaust gas from ashes and soot, sulfur dioxide (SO2). The water having the high concentration carbon dioxide (CO2) may be used for growing algae for biofuel and feed.

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