Alexander Bolonkin. Magnetic Suspended Ab-structures and Motionless Space Stations

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 11:48:59

Description: In this article the author provides new ideas, theory and computations for building with the current technology low cost magnetic suspended structures and motionless space stations up to 37,000 (geosynchronous orbit) kilometers of altitude. These structures (towers) can be used for launching of spaceships, radio, television, and communication transmissions, for tourism, scientific observation of the EarthâE™s surface, weather of the top atmosphere and military radiolocation. Main idea and attribute of invention is the following: The suspended structures (space station) are supported by a MAGNETIC column which has a mass (weight) close to zero. Author estimates two projects of motionless magnetic space stations: one of height = to 100 km and the second project up to 37000 km (geosynchronous orbit). These projects are not expensive and do not require a high crane or complex technology. They do require superconductive material and a thin strong film composed of artificial fibers. Both materials are fabricated by current industry. The structures (space stations) can easily be built using present technology without rockets. The construction is built by unreeling of a special roll. Structures (towers) can be used (for communication, tourism, etc.) during the construction process and provide self-financing for further construction. The building does not require work at high altitudes; all construction can be done at the EarthâE™s surface. The transport system (climber) consists of a very simple magnetic engine provided by electricity from a wire connecting the structure with the Earth. Problems involving security, control, repair, and stability of the proposed towers are shortly considered. The author is prepared to discuss these and other problems with serious organizations desiring to research and develop this project. Magnetic towers may also become a civic symbol giving any city a distinctive landmark such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Ostanki...

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