Alexander Bolonkin. Review of new ideas, innovation of non-rocket propulsion systems for Space Launch and Flight (part 1)

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 13:02:53

Description: In the past years the author and other scientists have published a series of new methods which promise to revolutionize the space propulsion systems, space launching and flight. These include the cable propulsion system, circle propulsion system and space keeper, kinetic propulsion system, gas-tube propulsion system, sliding rotary method, asteroid employment, electromagnetic accelerator, Sun and magnetic sail, solar wind sail, radioisotope sail, electrostatic space sail, laser beam propulsion system, kinetic anti-gravitator (repulsator), Earth-Moon non-rocket and Earth-Mars non-rocket transport system, multi-reflective beam propulsion system, electrostatic levitation, etc. Some of them have the potential to decrease launch costs thousands of time, other allow to change the speed and direction of space apparatus without the spending of fuel. The author reviews and summarizes some revolutionary propulsion systems for scientists, engineers, inventors, students and the public.(see also Part 2-3.

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