Alexander Bolonkin. Ab-needles: Fantastic Properties and Application in Energy

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 13:30:12

Description: In my article ‚EúFemtotechnology: Nuclear AB-Matter with Fantastic Properties‚EĚ [1] American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 2 (2), 2009, p.501-514 and (, the author offered, and considered, possible super strong nuclear matter. But, many readers asked, how about the proposed nuclear matter‚Eôs stability? As is well known, the conventional nuclear matter having more 92 protons or more 238 nucleons becomes instability. In given work, the author shows the special artificial forms of nuclear AB-matter to make its stability assured and give it near fantastic properties. For example, by the offered AB-Needle, any person can pierce any material body without any damage, could support a motionless satellite, reach the other planets, as well as directly investigate our Earth‚Eôs interior. These forms of nuclear matter are nonexistent in Nature, but nanotubes also are not in unmodified Nature. That artificial matter is human-made. The AB-matter also is not now, but research and investigation into their possibility, stability and properties are necessary for creating them. Key words: Femtotechnology, FemtoTech, AB-matter, AB-needle, application AB-matter, stability AB-matter.

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