Alexander Bolonkin. Space Wing Electro Relativistic Ab-ship

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 14:02:31

Description: Author offers and develops the theory of a new class of space wing electro ship. A biplane wing and an electric field between the wings characterize this space ship. The interstellar and interplanetary mediums contain charged protons and other charged particles. The winged space ship can produce the lift, thrust and drag forces. The density of the space medium is small (100 - 105 charged particles/cm3) but the high ship speed allows creating enough force for maneuvers, turning, acceleration and braking of ship especially at near relativistic speeds. Author shows the ratio of lift force/drag of the space wing electro ship may reach 100 and maneuver of wing space is big advantageous compared to maneuver using conventional rocket methods. In addition the biplane wing easily may be converted into a very efficient engine (brake) using external space matter and achieve something close to simple photon propulsion. That means the proposed wing-brake-engine is the most efficient and technologically realistic space drive available at the present time. The offered wing design allows collecting of particles from a very large space area. The method also allows decreasing the drag of a ship body. Key words: space wing electro apparatus, AB-space ship, flight into space medium, non-rocket space flight, ramjet space engine, electrocraft

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