Alexander Bolonkin. Long Distance Artillery

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 15:54:11

Description: Abstract. This picks up on the author‚Eôs early work of increasing range of the shells and bullets 2 ‚E" 5 times by including in its design small wings. The shell/bullet specially formed wings support the projectile in the air, does not allow it to fall in earth‚Eôs surface as the kinetic energy the projectile is not spent fighting the forces of gravity and air resistance. This is an important innovation as it can be used in conventional rifles and gun with rifled barrel and rotary shell/bullet. The second idea is radical change of trajectory. The projectile reaches high altitude and glides from height using wings with subsonic speed and a good ratio lift/drag. Author developed theory of these projectile and computed some projects which show high efficiency of these innovations. This can be immediately integrated into the arms industry and army because it does not require new weapons (rifles, guns), but is a modification only of the bullets and shells. --------------------------------------------------- Word keys: Wing projectile, wing shell, long distance shell, long distance bullet.

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