Alexander Bolonkin. Transportation of Asteroid to the Earth

Natural Sciences / Physics / General Physics

Submitted on: Oct 04, 2014, 16:08:51

Description: Author offers a new method for delivery of an asteroid to Earth which is many times cheaper than conventional methods. In this method, kinetic energy is used not only for the braking apparatus but is also used to charge the apparatus energy storage. A small control parachute using the Earth atmosphere for braking the asteroid without high heating, delivers the asteroid to a given point and avoids damaging impact to Earth. Though it is not large, a light parachute decreases asteroid speed from 11 km/s to 50 m/s and a heat flow by tens of times. The parachute surface is opened with backside so that it can emit the heat radiation efficiently to Earth-atmosphere. because the temperature of parachute may be about 1000 1300o C, it was only after industry produced high-temperature fiber and whiskers could that high temperature tolerant parachute for atmospheric air braking are possible. For example, carbon fiber is able to keep its functionality up to a temperature of 1500 2000o C. There is no conceivable problem to manufacture the parachute from carbon fiber. The proposed new method of braking may be also applied to the old Space Ship as well as to newer spacecraft designs. Key words: Asteroid delivery to Earth, Atmospheric reentry, Space Ships, thermal protection of asteroid and space apparatus, parachute braking.

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