Zainetdinova L.F., Krul A.S.. Business game as an interactive method of teaching: experience of carrying out.

Social Sciences / Education / Technology

Submitted on: Nov 24, 2014, 05:29:09

Description: Main part the present article devoted substantiation of necessity the use of business games as interactive methods of teaching social sciences. Business game is both a pedagogical tool and active forms of learning, which forms educational activities and work out professional skills. The main technological stages of business games are considered learning environment, which can only be created with the help of business games of various kinds. As an example, shows the experience of "political debate" for students in Economics, Agroengineering. Proved that the "political debate" form the necessary competence of future specialists, as well as create pedagogical conditions that enable to achieve objectives.

The full-text article has been published in the "IntellectualArchive" journal , Vol.3, Num.6, November 2014, ISSN 1929-4700.

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