Yegane Atamoglan Abdullayeva. Binary Oppositions In Works Of Art

Literature / Fiction / Novels

Submitted on: Jan 13, 2015, 06:54:22

Description: The paper deals with one of the most important ways in the analysis of literary text ‚E" binary opposition. The author of the paper in order to determine the features of binary opposition refers to Y.Lotman, V.Rudnev, M.Bakhtin. As an example of the binary opposition the characters of comedy ‚EúMisanthrope‚EĚ by Moliere, the two-aspect characters of novels ‚EúMrs Dalloway‚EĚ and ‚EúTo the Lighthouse‚EĚ by V.Woolf, the duality of character of ‚EúInvitation to a Beheading‚EĚ by V.Nabokov are being considered in this paper. The paper is summed up with conclusions about the existence of binary opposition in any image of environmental world and person.

The full-text article has been published in the "IntellectualArchive" journal , Vol.4, Num.1, January 2015, ISSN 1929-4700.

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