Stephen I. Ternyik. Extra-temporal Causality

Natural Sciences / Other / Trans-Disciplinarian

Submitted on: Jan 28, 2015, 03:16:27

Description: 2 exact explanations on the origin of time are given in English and Hebrew (Ivrit), employing a relativist cosmological approach. The Aristotelian view of eternal matter is refuted and cognitive preference is given to the model of created matter ( cosmic vibrational sequence: light-energy-matter-living matter). As a result, the eternal existence of a creative upper force is implicated as constructive source of time-consistent natural law (physical principles)which we humans try to perceive and understand via the scientific method. Consequently, this is also the reason why any religious law is time-inconsistent, i.e. changes over time, as new knowledge and wisdom become available by progressive re-search.

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