Makuhin Petr Gennadyevich. On Necessity of Consideration of the Issue "did Russian Cosmism Exist?" in the Context of the Issue "did Russian Philosophy Exist as a Whole?"

Philosophy / Metaphysics / Cosmology

Submitted on: Mar 07, 2015, 19:07:20

Description: Article published in the January 2015 issue of the IntellectualArchive journal (vol.4, num.1, page 11).

The article under consideration reveals relation of criticism of a philosophical status of such a movement as Russian cosmism to critical attitude towards ideas of "Unity", "collegiality", "transformation and salvation of humanity", etc. (as well as towards a metaphorical and often religious form of expressing thereof). Since these ideas precisely in such form are central to Russian philosophy as a whole, there is an alternative whether to recognize variability of philosophism standards so that what is traditionally called "Russian philosophy" including, inter alia, Russian cosmism can be recognized as a specific form of philosophical knowledge (the author proceeding from this viewpoint) or recognize Western philosophy as the only standard of the latter, thus logically arguing that Russian cosmism as an essentially philosophical movement did not exist as well as most movements of Russian philosophy as a whole which leads to absurdity.

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