Liliya Halapup. Refinancing of banks as a replenishment method of banking capital in terms of internal transformations

Social Sciences / Economics / Banking

Submitted on: Mar 16, 2015, 23:54:44

Description: The article is devoted to the refinancing of banks by the National Bank of Ukraine in order to replenish their capital in modern conditions of transformational changes. The main current issues concerning the refinancing of banks that are associated with the crisis in the banking system of Ukraine was also considered. The article describes the main features and conditions of credit refinancing by the National Bank of Ukraine. Additionally, there was examined the law aspects of implementation of operations in refinancing. The positive and negative aspects of refinancing as a method of raising additional funds by domestic banks were also defined in this article. The main reasons that led to a significant increase of unstable banks were considered and summarized. This article also analyzes current trends in the refinancing loans as a formation method of bank capital on basis of lending. The research identified the main problems of operations by banks refinancing, the ways of their solving and suggestions were proposed for improving the process of refinancing as a method of formation of bank capital on lending basis. Keywords: bank capital, refinancing, the NBU, liquidity, banking system, banking crisis.

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