Tomas G.Petrov. Method Rhat and its implementation in the software package Petros-3

Social Sciences / Education / Theory

Submitted on: Mar 25, 2015, 11:05:26

Description: Information language-method RHAT is designed for coding, ordering, and representation of composition changes in objects of any nature. Here R, rank formula of composition, is a rating of components by content decrease, H - C. Shannon information entropy as a measure of composition complexity, A - anentropy as a measure of purity, T-tolerance as a measure of high purity - sterility. Linguistic ordering of RHAT codes of object composition generates hierarchical, periodic systems of compositions. HA and HT diagrams adequately reflect the processes of separation and mixing of compositions. The method is implemented in PETROS-3 software package that also supports a wide range of methods for petrochemical data processing accepted in geology. Keywords: information language, Petros3 software package, coding of composi-tions, rank formula, information entropy, anentropy, tolerance, hierarchic system, pe-riodic system, system of deposits, composistics.

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