Alexander Bolonkin, Shmuel Neumann, Joseph Friedlander and Zarek Newman. Algae Domes: Expedient Method Augmenting Biofuel Supply

Natural Sciences / Biology / Biochemistry

Submitted on: Mar 31, 2015, 18:18:41

Description: Pioneering the development of dome technology, the authors have devised an algae dome where the algae are grown between the walls of two transparent domes, one inside the other, with only 10 cm between the outer and inner walls. These domes are inflatable and are held up only by air pressure. Circulating water in the 10 cm between the outer and inner dome is the breeding ground for the algae. It has the advantage of the bioreactors as it is insulated from outside contaminants but is inexpensive and has more area exposed than the breeding pond. Further, inside the dome, the floor space of the dome can be a shielded pond increasing the algae crop yield or can be used as a greenhouse.

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