Maryna Voronina. Pedagogical conditions for the enhancement of fashion designers creative skills

Social Sciences / Education / Special education

Submitted on: Apr 10, 2015, 04:39:00

Description: Development of creative abilities of students is an important condition for the success of future professionals, especially in the prospects of Ukraine's integration into the European community. Creative self-realization of future fashion designers can be achieved through the introduction of design technologies. The process of development of creative skills has its own dynamics. Pedagogical conditions that ensure the process at different stages are also dynamic, changing their priority in time. Pedagogical conditions of development of creative skills of designers should provide opportunities for students to achieve high results of education (motivation conditions). In this case, there should be a distribution of the process of creative skills development of students on the main components of the draft technology system in education (organizational conditions). The existence of creative activity in the performance of individual study projects is also considered (detention conditions).

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