Branislav Tanasic. Professor

Social Sciences / Economics / Marketing

Submitted on: Jun 03, 2015, 04:10:08

Description: Abstract

In just a few decades, the world economy, there has been a change unpredictably large magnitude. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the stock market crash took shelter with a heavy scene managers with Stetson hat and a thick Havana cigar. Sales stage was only a hint of the coming forever changed market conditions, the market is oversaturated proportionally more difficult as sales of goods and services. Intensively developing markets, motivate companies to solve these problems by using new marketing methods and techniques, especially psychology. Along with the development of production capacity, developing the management and marketing, and the initial naive and innocent intelligence propaganda messages, developing more aggressive approach, simply pulling the sleeve of potential consumers. Its peak is achieved through the use of subliminats - the ultimate, of commanding posts. We wanted to make a seemingly simple example, we use as an illustration of good and honest intentions tobacco companies, and confirm previous assumptions. Specifically, we set out to analyze consumer warning label on the packaging of cigarettes. At first glance, a well-meaning gesture to draw attention to consumers on the harmful impact of tobacco smoke on the health of consumers, is actually the greatest marketing scam of the twentieth century, and perhaps this new one in which we have recently stepped! The label on the health warning, directly provoked and cited smokers to light another cigarette, which is a strategic marketing goal of tobacco corporations.

Key words: Economy, market, marketing, smoking, propaganda.

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