Branislav Tanasic. Professor

Social Sciences / Economics / Marketing

Submitted on: Jun 03, 2015, 05:28:48

Description: Abstract

Neuromarketing is not a new type of marketing, it's a new way to approach the study of marketing. It is based on the use of modern research techniques and instruments intended for measuring the level of brain activity, to understand and measure the impact of marketing and advertising to consumers. Neuromarketing's techniques explain how people really think and make decisions, including the brain processes which actually are not aware of, or insight into the decisions and behavior, invisible to traditional research methodology. We wanted use one, on first sight simple example, as an illustration of good and honest intentions tobacco companies, and confirm previous assumptions. Specifically, we set out to analyze consumer warning labels on cigarette packages. The label on the health warning directly provoked and instructions smokers to light another cigarette, which is a strategic marketing goal tobacco corporations. At first glance benevolent gesture drawing attention to consumers on the adverse impact of tobacco smoke on the health of consumers, in fact the biggest marketing scam of the twentieth century, and perhaps this new in which we have recently stepped up! Keywords: Marketing, EEG, Neuromarketing, Label, Cigarette.

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