Chervinska Inna Bogdanivna. The establishment of socio-cultural space of mountain schools of the Carpathian region of Ukraine: problems and development prospects

Social Sciences / Education / Theory

Submitted on: Jul 17, 2015, 15:56:20

Description: The article is based on the studies, analysis of psychological and educational literature and personal experience of pedagogical activity. The specifics of formation of socio-cultural space of mountain schools of the Carpathian region of Ukraine is revealed. The article reveals the key problems of mountain schools, describes the prospects for further development. Teaching science and practice proved that identity formation always occurs in the cooperation of an individual with the micro and macro society, that is material and cultural environment, as well as in the interaction with various social institutions, particularly the family, community, religious communities, formal or informal associations. School as a social institution in our time is the socio-cultural environment in which the child acquires not only knowledge but also life experience and interaction skills with others and the world in general. These processes can never be essentially standardized, respectively, many educational models of organization of life of students in this space have been created and implemented. The space is characterized by subjective perception and is the result of constructive activity of all the subjects of the educational process. The problems of operation of schools of the mountainous region, their educational and methodological, financial, legal and human maintenance are particularly important for educators of the Carpathian region. A comprehensive institution that operates in the mountainous settlement of the Carpathian region in a modern sociocultural situation considered by us above all as a fundamental socio-cultural framework of education and development of children. The successful implementation of these objectives is necessary to establish a comprehensive system of educational work, to create practice-oriented programs and other means of educational interaction and pedagogical influence on students.

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