Professor L.A. Nainish, Associate Professor V.S.Gorbunova, M.A. Gavrilov. Formation Algorithm For Optimal Learning Technology

Natural Sciences / Other / Pedagogics

Submitted on: Jul 26, 2015, 04:32:30

Description: The publication analyzes the situation, leading to the destruction of modern higher technical education, and identified issues that are destroying it. One proposed solution to this problem is presented. It lies in the development of the algorithm of formation and correction of universal learning technology. Through mathematical models we get integral characteristic of pedagogical situation, which is estimated at five levels of feedback. According to these levels we had classified forms of implementing the learning algorithm, which consists of five stages. Technology training consists of realization forms of the learning stages, with the same level of feedback as a pedagogical situation. This approach allows you to create an optimal learning technology of any training course and it can be regularly corrected.

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