Irene Tychyna. The training of military specialists in Ukraine during the period of National Liberation Struggle in 1917 – 1921

Social Sciences / Other / Pedagogy

Submitted on: Sep 03, 2015, 07:15:23

Description: The article made on the current topic of modern historical pedagogical thought. The article identified patterns and trends of building the military education system in Ukraine during the Civil War. We explored the preconditions for the establishment of this system and the problems of military specialists training in educational institutions which were in Ukraine in the following period are revealed. The content of military specialists training and recruiting for the Red Army of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was studied. The article researches the range of problems in the military specialists' training at the territory of Ukraine in 1917-1921. Also it is considered the questions of distinctive system of military education revival during the period of national liberation struggle. We reflected a process of "Ukrainization" in military educational establishments in a given period and found the factors and prerequisites for establishing a system of military education in Ukraine. We used archival documents, domestic and foreign original sources and memoirs which illuminate the real picture of the military education system in details. It was used the scientific knowledge and system analysis.

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