Kuznetsova Nataliya. The Driving Forces Of The War For Talents

Social Sciences / Economics / Labor

Submitted on: Sep 15, 2015, 02:32:00

Description: The war for talents was caused with the accumulation of the new technologies potential, the intensification of the competitive fighting at the world market and with the force of the consumers‚Eô and the producers‚Eô influence on its development. But the main driving thing of the evolution of the social-and-economic relations and the technological models of the civilization development was the information, its global penetration into the nature of the between human relations and the human intellect development. The information expansion through the education was influencing on the forming of the personal and professional qualities of a person and on his or her professional preferences. The accumulated knowledge and professional experience in this way facilitated the talent developing and it determined the uniqueness of an individual. The author has grounded the cause-and-effect relationships between the post-industrialism and the war for talents at the basis of Daniel Bell‚Eôs doctrine, who was a founder of the post-industrial theory of society. The growing role of the theoretical knowledge, the sciences and engineering developing and their influences on the economics facilitated the new intellectual technologies appearing which demanded to use the decision methods of the ‚Eúproblems of organized complexity‚EĚ in the practice; it was caused by the increasing of the competition at the market. These factors had the key influence on the demand growing for the talented employees, and, first of all, for the executives, and it was the beginning cause of the war for talents.

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