Kimsanov Uktam Olimjonovich. Water And Energy Potential Of Tajikistan

Social Sciences / Economics / Political economy

Submitted on: Nov 08, 2015, 06:16:46

Description: Tajikistan - a country of mountains and rivers, 93% of its territory is mountainous. The per capita total of 0.10 hectares of irrigated land. The most valuable resources of the republic is considered its rivers and lakes watered by glaciers. Having a great potential of water resources, Tajikistan has a priority to consider the development of hydropower, as the country does not have sufficient resources of hydrocarbon energy sources. Hydropower is the only source energy supply and economy of the population. This sector plays a key role in socio-economic development of Tajikistan. Questions of energy development in Tajikistan, including the construction of both large and small and medium hydropower projects are not only economically relevant, but it is vital in preserving the independence and reducing poverty in the country that creates conditions for human development through access to normally functioning sectors of the economy, housing, sanitation, and others.

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