Yu.N. Klimov. Quantitative Characteristics Of Novel L.n. Tolstoy "anna Кrnin". The Part 1. The General Quantitative Characteristics And Their Modeling

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Submitted on: Dec 16, 2015, 06:45:01

Description: Abstracts: The case of the novel can exceed on quantitative to characteristics of a part of the novel or to be less than them. For the first time it is marked, that for all investigated quantitative characteristics heterogeneity is observed. Homogeneity of parts of the novel is revealed for approximate riches of the dictionary, and partial homogeneity in parts of the novel - for an index of exclusiveness, HL-1/V and HL-1+HL-2+HL-3/V. It is shown, that heterogeneity quantitative characteristics of parts of the novel and the case can be more homogeneities. Homogeneity of parts of the novel and the case in heterogeneity can change from 33, 33 % up to 77, 78 % that expands their applicability not only to graphemes [9]. The sequence of parts of the novel and his case, since the greatest size, shows, that quantitative characteristics of the case exceed his parts in 16 cases, the part 8 exceeds the case and other parts of the novel - in 9 cases, a part 7 and 5 - in 2 cases, and specifies non-uniformity of their distribution. Word forms (WF) and word usages (WU), since the greatest size, on frequency are higher 25 their cumulative sizes from 18394 up to 32824 and 84808 change from 18394 up to 1092, and. Natural logarithms cumulative WU and the word WF changed at this time from 9,8198 up to 10,3989 and 11, 3481, accordingly. And values cumulative WF, cumulative WU and their natural logarithms have identical values, accordingly, 18394 and 9, 8198. Quantitative characteristics of shares of WFon frequency more than 25, since the greatest size, were reduced from 0, 5604 up to 0, 0333, share WU - from 0,2169 up to 0,0129, share cumulative WF increased from 0,5604 up to 1,0000, share cumulative WU - from 0, 2169 up to 1,0000, by a share of WF (%) were reduced from 56, 04 up to 3, 33, shares WU (%) - from 21, 69 up to 1, 29, and shares cumulative WF (%) increased from 56, 04 up to 100 and shares WU (%) - from quantitative characteristics of parts and cases of novel WF/WU - V/N, WF...

The Library of Congress (USA) reference page : http://lccn.loc.gov/cn2013300046.

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