Ganna Likhonosova. Modern Catalyst For Social-economic Exclusion Society

Social Sciences / Economics / Development

Submitted on: Jan 05, 2016, 05:48:19

Description: The article is devoted to actual topics of national and regional development - mapping and characterization for today's phenomenal phenomenon - social exclusion in the conditions of economic transformation. The paper interpret-ed the concept of "economic and social exclusion", "socio-economic inclusion", is their retrospective analysis, as well as derivatives of these categories and processes substantiated the author's position on the causes of its origin, contents and possible ways to eliminate it. Reasoned application of a comprehensive interpretation of the concept of "social and economic exclusion" since this phenomenon has the opposite effect on people who need to be part of the group: blocked their cognitive abilities and leveled owners "independent self-concept." Methods for measuring the socio-economic exclusion (the accumulation of deprivation). The study made it possible to identify the percentage of social and economic exclusion, as well as an index of social exclusion. Key figures for the number of social seized in the countries studied is summarized on the basis of the UN Development Program to 2020. The authors calculated the intensity of social and economic exclusion as a ratio of the amount seized during a certain period to the average num-ber of socio-economic benefits that can provide a country. On the basis of the factors identified socio-economic exclu-sion, their impact on the status of rejection are given a combination of different variants of individual risk factors and the local aspects, which lead to different levels of socio-economic exclusion. A chain of social and economic exclusion, knowing all the links that can affect the elimination of manifestations of social and economic exclusion and to use the levers of social and economic inclusion

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