John C. Hodge. Stoe emergence

Philosophy / Metaphysics / Theoretical physics

Submitted on: Aug 17, 2016, 00:02:40

Description: Emergent philosophy developed from the studies of biology, life, societies, and computer patterns. The Scalar Theory of Everything (STOE) model posits emergence theory models the universe. The STOE was developed from two basic agents and their interaction to the complexity of the cosmological scale. This model has described many mysteries of standard models including the structure of galaxy clusters, the microwave background temperature, rotation curves, asymmetric rotation curves, the relation of central mass parameters to outer galaxy parameters, galaxy redshift, periodic galaxy redshift, and the Pioneer Anomaly on the large scale. The STOE also suggests a photon model of light that describes Young's experiment, that rejected all wave models of light, and that described the results of the Hodge Experiment. It served as a base for explaining the Stern-Gerlach experiment. The STOE model made successful predictions of the Pioneer Anomaly and of the Hodge Experiment.

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