Colin James. Understanding the Cause of Electric Charge in Electrons and Quarks

Natural Sciences / Physics / Particle physics

Submitted on: Mar 01, 2012, 18:30:04

Description: I suggest that the electron is an electron neutrino with a unique frequency ( ~ 2.47 x 1020s-1). The unique frequency is identified by the vacuum s virtual photons and the electron is contained by elastic collisions in an approximately circular orbit (hence the diffuse nature of the electron). The containment redistributes the vacuum energy by redirecting one handedness of virtual photons outwards. The loss of homogeneity in the vacuum is counteracted by an inflow of oppositely handed virtual photons. The outward and inward flows account for electric charge. The electron s spin (h/4E) is the spin of its orbit relative to a moving observer. The diameter of the free electron s containment orbit equals the reduced Compton wavelength and its circumference is half the Compton wavelength. A similar structure within hadrons shows the 2:1 charge ratio for quarks. A search for intermittent e2-, e3- and e2+, e3+ with masses /2me, /3me may provide support for the theory.

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