Alexander Bolonkin. Electric Cumulative Thermonuclear Reactors

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / General physics

Submitted on: Oct 17, 2016, 18:49:10

Description: During past sixty years, scientists spent tens of billion US dollars attempting to develop useful thermonuclear energy. However, they cannot yet reach a sustained stable thermonuclear reaction. They still are promising publically, after another 15 E" 20 years, and more tens of billions of US dollars to finally design the expensive workable industrial installation, which possibly will produce electric energy more expensive than current heat, wind and hydro-electric power generation stations can in 2016. The author offers the new, small and cheap electric cumulative thermonuclear reactors, which increases the temperature and pressure of its nuclear fuel by millions of times, reaches the required ignition stage and, ultimately, a constant well-contained thermonuclear reaction. Electric Cumulative AB Reactors contain several innovations to achieve its power output product. Chief among them in electric thermonuclear reactors are using moving cumulative explosives and an electric discharge, which allows to accelerate the fuel and special nucleus to very high speed which (as shown by integral computations) compresses the fuel thousands times and heats the fuel by electric impulse to hundreds of millions degrees of temperature. In electric cumulative version of AB thermonuclear reactors, the fuel nucleus are accelerated by high electric voltage (15 ÷ 60 kV) up the hundreds millions degree and cumulative compressed into center of the spherical fuel cartridge. The additional compressing and combustion time the fuel nucleus may have from heavy nucleus of the fuel cartridge. The main advantages of the offered method are very small fuel cartridge (11-18 mm) of the full reactor installation (reactor having spherical diameter (0.3 - 3 m), using the thermonuclear fuel at room-temperature and achieves the possibility of using the offered thermonuclear reactor for transportation (ships, trains, aircrafts, rockets, etc.). Author gives theory and estimations of the suggested re...

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