Alexander Bolonkin. Transparent Fuel Capcule for Fusion Reactor

Natural Sciences / Astronomy / General physics

Submitted on: Mar 02, 2017, 14:09:37

Description: For more 60 years scientists havewanted to reach confined, stable thermonuclear reaction state. They are using two main methods: ICF E" Inertial Confinement Fusion and MCF E" Magnetic Confinement Fusion. In ICF they have tried to heat a frozen thermonuclear fuel by highly compressing the reactive force of the fuelEs vaporized cover and tohold (confine) it by inertial forces of the fuel used. In MCF they heatrarefied plasma by electric current and hold it a relative long time by enshrouding magnetic field. In ICF, only 10-20% the laser energy is used for compression and significantly less for further fuel heating. The author is offering a significantly new design the fuel pellet (capsule) for laser ICF reactor which allows using about 90% the laser energy for pellet heating and compression work. The second advantage of the authorEs innovative suggested method is significantly increasing (by a hundred-fold) the time of nuclear reaction (reactivity) as well as the possibility to use the compressed gas fuel at room temperature,instead of the frozen fuel held at absolute Kelvin zero. The suggested pellet (capsule) design requires few collimated light beams (maximum 6, not 192 as with NIF) because it is using offered multi-reflect capsule(pellet). That greatly simplifies the design laser system.Possible of getting conditions will be enough for using the D-D nuclear fuel, which is monetarily less costly by 30,000 times than T-D fuel.

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