Andriy Kotlovskyi. The Essence And Structure Of English Lexical And Grammar Competence Of Prospective Economists

Social Sciences / Education / Theory

Submitted on: Mar 16, 2017, 12:07:50

Description: The article is devoted to the analysis of the essence and structure of English lexical and grammar competence of prospective economists. The essence of the English lexical and grammar competence is defined that consists in the ability of a specialist on the field of economics to express oneEs speaking and writing using grammar and vocabulary. The main components of the lexical and grammar competence are knowledge, skills and awareness. The students gain declarative and procedural knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, obtain receptive and productive skills in grammar and vocabulary. The main features of lexical skills are automatization, stability, independence and production. The main features of grammar skills are automatization, flexibility, stability. Receptive lexical skills are based on identification, analysis of the word and word-forming. Productive lexical skills are based on automated retention of the word. Receptive grammar skills are based on identification of grammar structure and its matching with the meaning; productive grammar skills are based on the choice of a grammar structure that is a speaking oriented one. The success of building of lexical competence depends on the level of awareness and sample perception, types of memory and thinking and lexical creativity. The retention of words in the memory depends on special introduction of word s and application of appropriate memorizing techniques. The success of building of grammar competence results from analytical aptitudes, skills of classification, logical thinking and memory of learner. Students are geared with memorizing strategies to gain lexical competence and cognitive and compensatory strategies to build grammar competence. The development of reflexive skills facilitates to achieve the desired level of lexical and grammar competence. These skills are essential for students to apply during their independent work.

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