John C. Hodge. Gravity experiment proposal to unite quantum mechanics and general relativity

Natural Sciences / Physics / Gravitation Theory (Relativity)

Submitted on: May 30, 2017, 20:39:38

Description: Unifying the concepts of quantum mechanics (QM) and General Relativity (GR) remains an unsolved modeling problem. The prevailing model of GR is that gravitational potential is propagated as only the inverse distance from matter and without inertia. The Bohm Interpretation of QM has the proposition of an inertial pilot wave in a medium directing particles with diffraction (inertial) characteristics. Testing the similarity between the gravitational potential and the pilot wave requires showing that gravity does indeed propagate as an inertial wave rather than as only a change in potential without oscillation. The suggested experiment may measure diffraction of inertial gravity waves.

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