Iryna Levchuk. Women in the ethnosocial structure in the Second Polish Republic

Social Sciences / History / Gender history

Submitted on: Aug 22, 2017, 13:20:35

Description: There were investigated the place and role of women in the ethnosocial structure of the Second Commonwealth of Poland in the interwar period in the article. According to the gender analysis there was more female population than male. It must be pointed out that according to the Census in 1921, 1931 were differentiated the ethnic composition and employment level in the Second Commonwealth of Poland. The author discriminated the most important Polish law enforcement, which dealt with activity and rights of different women nationalities. It should be admitted that education issue, social security, equal employment opportunity were the main points among the other Polish laws. Taking into consideration the level of industrialization on the Polish ethnic territory and lack of attention of Central Power to economics was distinguished living standards (male and female) in the Second Commonwealth of Poland. The social and economic issues determined the population‚Eôs opportunity limits. Taking into consideration female level of life in the Second Commonwealth of Poland, the author emphasized that the happiness level depends on human nationality, gender and faith

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