Sofia Trykolenko. Iren Fox - jewelry steampunk

Visual Art / Other / Decorative arts

Submitted on: Sep 02, 2017, 11:40:48

Description: As you know, the appearance of a person illustrates her state of mind - changing or constant, inspired or sleepy, full of joy or sorrow. The search for his style, which would perfectly illustrate the inner world, greatly facilitated the work of the science fiction writers of the late twentieth - early twenty-first century. It is during this period that there are numerous subcultures that are based precisely on the worlds created by their imagination, which are often described to the smallest details, such as clothes, jewelry, accessories, and weapons. It is at the beginning of this century that the world-famous steampunk, a powerful subculture, whose external attributes are the elements of the Victorian era, such as: time-based mechanisms, safety glasses, prototypes of robotics, protective armor of industry workers, etc., are becoming widespread. Worlds are formed around imaginary social foundations, dependent on the achievements of the industry.

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